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Wellness for both mind and body! Balance Hemp CBD soft gels are non-GMO and gluten free full spectrum capsules designed to help you get through your day. Made with CBD, CBDa, and  a unique blend of terpenes—Balance soft gels balance your mood and improve your sense of well-being.

Balance soft gels include a unique profile of terpenes:

  • Terpinolene: aromas of tea tree oil and fresh lilac.

  • Ocimene: hints of vanilla and blackcurrants.

  • Limonene: refreshing scents of pine needles.

  • Myrcene: earthy and distinctly fruity cloves and bay leaves.

  • Caryophyllene: peppery, spicy, and rich like caraway or cinnamon. 

    Balance Soft Gels - Care By Design

    BALANCE: CBD Soft Gels


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