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When a Racing Mind Interferes with Rest

Getting enough quality sleep is vital to your overall health and wellbeing, helping protect your mental and physical health and your quality of life.1 


Developing good sleep habits or “sleep hygiene” involves a combination of factors, including2: 


  • Consistency: Set a sleep routine so that your body and mind get used to knowing “when it’s bedtime.”


  • The environment: Sleep in a bedroom that’s dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature.


  • Physical condition: Make sure you had a healthy amount of physical activity during the day to help exhaust your body.


At times, sleep can be elusive or interrupted by the stress of the day. Anxious thoughts can produce the effect of a “racing mind,” where you can’t turn off your brain and no amount of counting sheep can help. In general, if you are feeling anxious, your sleep could be affected. 


It stands to reason that reducing stress and anxiety could help you ease into a more restful sleep — or at least eliminate a potential barrier to rest.


In addition to changes in habits and environment, what you eat, drink, and the medicines or supplements you take could affect your “sleep readiness.” 


To address anxious thoughts, you may have heard that cannabidiol or CBD can help. But how, exactly? 


We’ll discuss what to do when a racing mind interferes with rest and how Care by Design Hemp products can help. 


Can Hemp Calm an Overactive Mind?


All signs point to yes! CBD has been found in some recent studies to have anxiolytic or “anti-anxiety” effects in humans. 


Regions in our brain, notably the amygdala (the region responsible for emotional fear) and cingulate cortex (the area that houses fear memory), go into overdrive when we’re anxious. 


This means that when you’re trying to relax, you cannot because your natural responses are hyped up, making relaxation near impossible. If racing thoughts helped us solve every-day issues as well as those on a larger scale, then great. But the truth is, a racing mind is more like a carousel that never stops, and gets you nowhere.


So while everyday occurrences may lead us to feel anxious, CBD can calm these responses. And when that’s reduced, we can vanquish negative thoughts and calm an overactive mind.


And with a less anxious mind may come deeper, higher-quality sleep.


What Causes Anxious Thoughts?


When we think about the things that cause us anxiety, the list may seem unending. Just consider what most of us go through on a daily basis:


  • We spend too much time on social media, which doesn’t always promote positive thoughts.


  • Concerns for our health and the health of loved ones is a daily worry. The pandemic and constant talks about health insurance seem never-ending.


  • Thinking about worst-case scenarios when it comes to the future of society, the environment, etc., can push our anxiety to the forefront.


These are just a few examples of the issues that cause negative thinking. It’s not easy to completely shut down our stressors and avoid triggers altogether.


But there are ways to tame our anxious thoughts and end the cycle of an overactive mind.


Taming Our Racing Thoughts


Just as there are many things that cause us anxiety, so there are a number of ways to potentially mitigate it. At Care by Design Hemp, we believe that natural supplementation with our full-spectrum CBD oil products is the best solution. 


Try them in conjunction with these other anxiety-reducing activities:


  • Taking deep breaths is a simple way to calm your mind and body.


  • Yoga practice combines breathing techniques and light physical activity.


  • Put down your device and say goodnight to social media at least an hour before your planned bedtime.


  • Outdoor activities can easily improve our mood, potentially combining physical activity while providing a dose of sun-derived vitamin D and fresh air. 


  • Meditation practice can help you stay in the present moment, taming your mind and body’s hyperactivity.


  • Spending time with family and friends can help us focus on what really matters and calm our racing thoughts.


And, as mentioned, try our Rest and Calm CBD soft gels and drops! We’ll dive deeper into how they can contribute to a more peaceful mind and body next. 


CBD and a Good Night’s Sleep


We at Care by Design Hemp have put a lot of work into formulating our products, and used data from scientific study to create our full-spectrum hemp tinctures.


According to Science...


We followed one study that demonstrated that CBD promotes anti-anxiety properties3. The anxiety-reducing effects sustained through the duration of the study. 


Dr. Jessica Knox is a practicing physician with expertise in cannabinoid medicine. She states, “When we consider that what keeps many of us up at night are racing thoughts or anxious minds, it follows that the anxiolytic effects of CBD might help us quiet our minds so we can finally fall asleep.” 


There is also some research that aromatherapy of essential oils may play into relaxation and relief. And part of what gives essential oils their aroma are their terpenes. All of our hemp CBD products contain terpenes. Read on to learn more about them.


The Magic of Terpenes

 Terpenes in CBD and sleep


A terpene is a plant extract that’s responsible for that plant’s aroma and flavor. Common examples include vanilla's sweet and pungent aroma and orange’s crisp citrus scent.


We use terpene extracts from plants in all of our CBD formulas for the soothing taste and aromatic properties they impart. 


Terpenes and Essential Oils


While there is a dearth of human studies examining the therapeutic effects of isolated terpenes, there is some relevant research suggesting that essential oils may ease some of the effects of anxiety. 


Essential oils are derived from plants and contain terpenes. Hemp is also a plant, and full-spectrum hemp extracts contain many of the same terpenes found in essential oils commonly used for aromatherapy.


CBD extracts often naturally contain some linalool, a dominant compound found in lavender. This is one of the main terpenes we use in our Rest and Calm formulations.


How CBD Promotes Wellness


Yes, we’ve already established that CBD oil can reduce anxieties. But what does this mean in your everyday life? 


The Night Before an Important Day


Maybe you have a big presentation to make at work tomorrow or you’re up for a performance evaluation. 


Take a dose of your favorite CBD product the night before to calm your racing thoughts, relax your mind and body, and prepare you for a restful slumber. 


And unlike other products, you do not have to worry about a lingering hangover the next day!


Prevent Stress From Affecting Your Look

Have you thought about the ways stress affects you physically as well as mentally? It’s not always pretty.


Stress may cause us to experience breakouts and body aches. And if we haven’t had a full nights’ sleep, good luck picking out an outfit or taking that extra time to coif our hair or freshen our skin.


This is where that dose of CBD oil comes into play. It may just help you get the rest you need to feel confident and capable of putting in that extra, outward effort.


Unwind at the End of a Long, Long Day


No matter what your occupation is, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the neverending day filled with stressful moment after stressful moment. 


Afterward, you just go home, relax, and fall into a deep sleep, right? Guess again! Despite the exhausting day, odds are your mind is nonstop racing. 


Stop that monkey mind for the night with your favorite CBD oil. Let your worries fade (for that night, at least!) and awaken to a fresh, new day.


Our Favorite CBD Blends to Calm Racing Minds

Can CBD calm a racing mind?


At Care by Design Hemp, we are always considering the best formulas to meet the physical and mental needs of cannabis users. While there is no one perfect solution to stress management, we have found that these high CBD oils have played a huge part in the lives of our customers. 


We have two specific tinctures to halt racing minds, and one that is superb for occasional physical pains, such as those associated with stress.




Care by Design Hemp’s Rest formulation is designed to promote a feeling of relaxation and a restful slumber. 


It’s made with a special blend of full-spectrum hemp oil, coconut oil to enhance absorption, and 16 terpenes. 


Three of the most prevalent terpenes in Rest include linalool, terpinolene, and eucalyptol. These terpenes provide a light cooling sensation and impart scents and taste like citrus, herbs, and florals.




Our Calm formula is designed to envelop you in a sense of serenity, and like Rest, is made with full-spectrum CBD oil, coconut oil, and 19 different terpenes including linalool, beta-myrcene, and alpha-ocimene.4 


Expect scent and taste notes that are earthy, musky, and delicately sweet.




This special blend has the same foundation as the others, full-spectrum CBD oil, coconut oil for easier absorption, and more than 17 terpenes.


It differs with its terpenes, which include beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene, and eucalyptol.5


Its earthy, musky, and cooling notes make it perfectly soothing for aches and pains.


An overactive, anxious brain is responsible for disrupting the peace and sleep of many people. If these feelings are keeping you up at night, reducing anxiety and 

promoting relaxation through natural supplements could help ease you into a more restful sleep. 


Check out the entire line of our full-spectrum CBD products to meet your wellness needs. Not sure where to get started? You can shop the ones we mentioned above, Rest, Calm, and Relief. You can choose from easy-to-swallow soft gels or soluble drops.

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